3D Drawings

Where design starts on paper, most problems need to be solved when the 1st prototypes
are assembled. With use of 3D design software all our projects are tested and studied 
before production. 

3D Drawing        3D Drawing

Epoxy Vacuum Infusion          


Controlled Vacuum Infusion       Controlled Vacuum Infusion

Our yachts are constructed with use of epoxy and glass fibre.
The traditional way of producing glass reinforced objects, especially large objects, is polluting and uncontrolled. 
With use of vacuum infusion our boats are not only stronger and lighter, our skilled workforce is now working
in a clean and improved environment with drastically reduced emissions.

Our yachts are produced by vacuum infusion using epoxy resin instead of regular polyester or vinyl-esther. 
Epoxy resin ensures superior mechanical properties and improves the resistance against fatigue and cracking. 
This production method drastically reduces the danger of osmosis and guarantees high quality yachts.


UP to DATE Machines and Equipment

With use of new machinery all parts and components are produced as they should be.



To prevent damages and speed up delivery we can carry out all transports. 

Boat mover        Crane 50 Ton

Infrastructure + Test facilities

A brand new production unit with test facilities. 

Factory        Factory